Twisted Buildings, Part 2

I’ve been rather motivated to work on my lineup of assembled Twisted buildings lately, so I’m ready to post a nice photo update.  If you missed my first Twisted Buildings post, please check it out!

I am very pleased with the way my first Old Corner Shop turned out (I have two more waiting for paint).  Although Twisted takes place in a steampunk setting, which can often be portrayed as gritty and dirty, Demented Games put a unique, whimsical touch on their world that I interpret as you see here.  I’m not exactly a lore expert (in my house, that’s my husband, Alex), but I also have a few story-driven reasons for my view of this world.  I’ll address those in a future post.

I wanted to paint the two Nouveau Archways the same because I picture them as being public structures, and it makes sense that the city would design them to look alike.  I didn’t really intend it, but Alex pointed out to me that they kind of resemble a certain set of golden arches.

My Twisted city is really starting to take shape!  I’m running out of space on the kitchen counter; I’m going to need to start photographing the buildings on our gaming table with our cobblestone mat.  We have this 4×6 vinyl mat by Gamematz.  We have four different vinyl mats from them, and we really love them.  As long as you treat them with care, they work beautifully.

Next up: another No. 42 Carver Lane.  Last time, I went with a hunter green/gray combo.  What colors should I go with?

Thanks for checking out my latest projects!  Keep on hobbying!


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